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Abrams Dermatology is one of the first dermatology practice in the area to offer their patients Teleheatlh services. Telehealth can be used for minor issues like acne flares, eczema flare, and skin lesion that would prefer to receive diagnosis for sooner than later while avoiding the commute to the doctor’s office.

Telehealth is reshaping how healthcare services are rendered to patients as it delivers virtual care over a distance using a smart phone application that is downloaded to the patient’s phone. Telehealth is a great way to offset the average 20 days wait time to schedule a 20 minute appointment with a physician that with travel and waiting can consume a few hours of an individual’s time.

Telehealth makes healthcare services more accessible, convenient and reduce costs. Telehealth is not a replacement for regular in-office visits and Dr. Abrams recommends scheduling a year full body exam at the office.

Dr. Abrams is excited to provide Telehealth services to increase patient care and follow ups as it is a great tool for patients with chronic conditions such as psoriasis and Eczema as well as minor issues such as mosquito bites. Any established patient can access Telehealth services using a secure app. Any treatment performed or prescription ordered is documented in the patient chart.

This visit note is accessible to the patient but not to the insurance since it is an out-of-pocket expense. With the increase in patient deductible and copay, it can be beneficial for patients to use this service instead of using their insurance. We can provide care to our “Snowbirds” returning up north during the summer time. Patients can open a Telehealth case anytime, text with Dr.Abrams or our Nurse Practitioner and send pictures of their condition. We can provide a diagnosis and submit a prescription to the patient's pharmacy if necessary and continue the care at the office upon the patient return.

Telehealh is easy to use and available for any patient established at the practice and who was last seen in the office within the last 6 months. Patients download the application on their smartphone. The office will send a link by email to access the Telehealth application and instructions on how to access it.

Telehealth is used only for minor issues and chronic conditions and the cost is currently $75 out of pocket (not covered by insurance). Dr. Abrams or our Nurse Practitioner (depending on who you select) will respond within one business day.

Patients should know that even if they submit a Telehealth e-visit, Dr. Abrams or Sheryl Wilson, ARNP may need to evaluate the case further in the office. Everything will be accommodated via Telehealth and the practice will communicate if the patient needs to come into the office.

Please call us today to activate your Telehealth service at no cost. You only get charged when submitting a case.

Appropriate cases are acne, rashes, skin lesions, sunburns, discolorations, skin irritation, hair loss and any non-urgent conditions.

We recommend patients with a history of melanoma to avoid using Telehealth. Bleeding following surgery or emergency situation should be performed at the office. Full body exam and pregnant woman visit should be performed in the office.



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